The Hottest Trends in Men’s Swim Shorts this Summer

BS Multi Coloured Swim Brief - Bearboxers Menswear
BS Multi Coloured Swim Brief – Bearboxers Menswear

Is it ever too early to start planning your summer outfit? At Bearboxers, we think not. You have just sixteen days until Summer 2018 officially gets underway, and whether you’re exploring exotic beaches afar or enjoying some family time along the UK coast, it reaps dividends to invest in a good pair of swim shorts which can make you look and feel fantastic. Turn some heads and raise some sunglasses for the right reasons this summer – much less because you’re donning a pair of shorts which perhaps would be better suited to your father. Thankfully, we do the hard work so that you don’t have to. With Bearboxers swim shorts, you can rest assured that your investment is at the height of fashion, and has the quality and style to seamlessly transcend generations and rejuvenate your summer wardrobe.


Swimwear is a notoriously changing staple in the fashion industry. It is highly likely that you have several pairs of swim shorts sitting idly in your wardrobe, only to be pulled out once a year when the sun finally calls. Perhaps your tastes have changed over the years, or the shorts you have are no longer a good fit and cannot be returned. With swim shorts, it is important to look for quality, and functionality, to avoid these problems. Investing in a good-quality pair of swim shorts will avoid further problems down the line, and ensure that they can transition between the years with high durability. It is also important that swim shorts are functional and complement the rest of your summer outfit. Many of us have been enjoying a relaxing day at the beach, and tried to transition between poolside and restaurant in the evening, only to be turned away because our shorts were not appropriate for a more formal setting.

Colour Print Swim Brief-Bearboxers Swimwear
Colour Print Swim Brief-Bearboxers Swimwear

That’s where board shorts and briefs come in. Whilst 2017 saw a resurgence in camo prints, floral patterns, and horizontal stripes, 2018 has taken a welcome return to more simplistic styles. Cut just above the knee, board shorts are simple in colouring and design, and have been seen sported by the likes of Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig. Favoured for their versatility, a simplistic yet sleek look allows you to move from the sun lounger to the evening buffet with ease. Available in a range of solid colours, board shorts can be combined with a t-shirt or vest for a casual day at the pool, or a polo shirt for a smart-casual look which is suitable for day trips.


Black and White Plaid Swim Brief – Bearboxers Menswear

Whether you are swimming, surfing or sunbathing, the Desmiit men’s swim board shorts and briefs are a necessary addition to your summer wardrobe. Their elasticated waist and mesh lining ensure a good and comfortable fit, which you will be satisfied with for years to come. With quick-drying material, you also needn’t worry about ventilating your shorts after a long day at the beach and can be confident that they will be ready to wear the following day. Available in a range of fittings and colours, including black, navy and coffee, at this price it is worth ordering a couple of pairs simply for their functionality. Indeed, you wouldn’t look out of place sporting these at a summer barbeque party.


If you are looking for a more unconventional style, you could do worse than opting for our eye-catching blackbird and green leaf nylon sports trunks. Drawstring closures and optic prints are in fashion, so whether you are enjoying a relaxing day at the pool or hitting the bar in the evening, you are sure to be the centre of attention and life of the party. Timeless pieces, they are perhaps favoured for their jovial style and are best combined with solid-coloured vests if you want to enjoy a stroll along the beach.


Bearboxers - Breathable Swimming Sports Shorts
Our sports trunks employ eye-catching designs to ensure that you will be the centre of attention this summer.


Whatever your preferred style, you can rest assured that all Bearboxers swimwear pieces are of a high-quality and always at the height of fashion. With free delivery on all orders £35 and above, and sales across our swim short range, there has never been a better time to freshen your summer wardrobe. Check out our range today!


By Chris Wainwright 

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