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Bearboxers Drawstring Luxury Jogger Pants



The Best Men’s Joggers for Cosy Quarantine Bums and Beyond

Dressing up, or getting dressed at all, has become far more relaxed than it used to be. High fashion in the days of COVID-19 looks less like walking the runway and more like walking around in your old high school sweats three days in a row. Nobody’s proud of it but it’s the hand we’ve been dealt. In spite of that, it’s relieving to know that men’s fashion today actually does cater to a relaxed lifestyle. It’s time to finally take those loose, old sweatpants off and trade them in for a refined, cosy pair of joggers such as the Bearboxers Drawstring Luxury Jogger Pants.

Now, if you’re a punny person; a joker of the “dad” variety, we’re sorry to say that no, joggers are not slower than running pants. If anything, they’re cooler, and not because jogging requires less energy than running. But in a world of cuffed pants, the jogger presents a clean and easy alternative to looking good and sometimes even making a statement.


The traditional jogger has three distinct characteristics:

  • Pull-up style pant
  • Elastic waistband with drawstring
  • Elastic cuffed bottoms


The best men’s joggers today remain true to their original uses — comfort and accessibility. In fact, they’re a derivative of a style of sweatpants largely associated with track and field, hence the name. But modern fashion, like every menswear staple, has twisted and translated this garment into multiple versions that are appropriate for all lifestyles.


Today, the world of menswear has created joggers for lounging, casual and dressy occasions, aside from the traditional activewear version. Most people are familiar with the pyjama bottom or sweatpant versions, but casual, sporty and dress types are becoming widely popular in the streetwear and tailored fashion scenes. This is why the Bearboxers Drawstring Luxury Jogger Pants makes a perfect choice for comfort lounging and beyond.



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