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Sweatshirts With Denim For Autumn

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Hooded sweatshirt
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Long sleeved oversized sweatshirts and hooded tops have become the latest fashion makeover of recent times for millennials. The street style hoody is one of the most purchased items in 2017 according to Experts in the Retail and Fashion industry.

The hoody top has been particularly popular among university students as it provides, not only, the casual feel for everyday wear but also a stylish look for when you are out and about. Sweatshirts can be combined very well with either distressed or tattered jeans but for this Autumn, our style icons are going for straight and skinny jeans as a perfect combination to match your favourite casual sweatshirt or hooded top.

It can be argued that, part of the publicity has been inspired by style icons and celebrities as they seem to be donning this type of tops everywhere they go. There are few things to think about when making a selection for one of these hooded tops and sweatshirts.

Black and blue colours, as well as white, seem to stand out a lot, compared to other bright colours. And just to quickly add the sizes; Choose your actual size as these hooded tops and sweatshirts and manufactured in that way. So if you wear a medium, choose a medium size and you will still receive your lovely top in its overside rage. For a good pair of these hooded oversized tops, simply head to our site to browse the latest collection of fashion made simply from the bearboxers Spring collection