Gender-Inclusive Underwear Company In Manchester Introduces a New Range of Underwear and Swimwear

  • Striped Swim Brief - Bearboxers Swimwear
  • jacquard cotton long boxer brief -Bearboxers Menswear
  • Mens Pure Cotton Low Waist Brief-Bearboxers Menswear
  • variations

What does it mean to be an “inclusive” underwear company? Is it choosing “real people” for your ad campaigns over skeletal-thin models? Labouring over fit and feel so every body’s size is represented? The Bearboxers Menswear ethos is different. We get things done our way.
Our customers exist outside the gender binary and we abandon social norms about the way men and women are “supposed” to dress, they don’t just want to be comfortable. They want to be cute, too.

It’s about finding clothing that represents how you feel and how you want to present. That societal construct you see when you walk into a store, [where] its ‘boy and girl’ and ‘men and women’ … there are a lot of people who ride in that in-between.” And we cater to that.

For us, it’s all about the customer and service we offer is a service to all(inspired by ‘COMFORT in your in own body’). Clothing for us really is about FREEDOM. The freedom to be who you want to be and to dress and express yourself — however you choose to do so.
As a full-fledged undergarment brand, inclusive underwear is our thing and our story spans across Europe, USA and Canada, Africa and Australia. To learn more and get a pair of our latest addition, visit